Friday, March 1, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues Collection - Miss Bliss

The weather here has been cold, overcast, and often rainy. Not exactly the best combination for showcasing a holo polish. Like her sister Eternal Beauty, however, Color Club Miss Bliss will brighten up any grey day!

Color Club Miss Bliss
Color and Finish: I have heard this polish described as anywhere from a soft pink to a fuschia. I think the best way to describe it is a true pink. Not too blue, not too red, and certainly not too bright. It is quite saturated in color and not at all in the pastel range. With the holo finish, it almost takes on a cool silver undertone. Very unique and pretty! I think it is really fascinating how the colors of the rainbow show up differently in each holo depending on the color base. Where Eternal Beauty showcased blues and pinks, Miss Bliss is very prominent on the oranges and silver. For some reason, the blue and purple hues seem to get a bit lost. The holo is certainly strong and linear - no doubt of that. It just looks different on the nail. I am curious to see which colors show up most on the other polishes in this collection.

Color Club Miss Bliss

Application: Like Eternal Beauty, I didn't have any issues with this. It went on smooth and dried quickly. I found that it didn't wear as well as Eternal Beauty, but that could be due to changes in my routine rather than the polish itself.

What do you think of the holo trend? Is there a particular base color you prefer over others?

Stay beautiful! 
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