Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beauty Fix: Too Much Eyeshadow

For my last Beauty Fix post, I shared my tips for how to fix too much blush. Today, I have tips for when you get heavy handed in a different area - the eyeshadow department. It starts out so innocently. Maybe you want to try a bold color or you just load too much product on the brush. The next thing you know your eye makeup is either too bold or too dark. I have been there many times and have come up with some quick fixes. 

My Ursula look is great for Halloween but not what we want for everyday! 

#1 - Apply a matte powder
The easiest way to fix this, particularly if your shadow is too bold, is to apply a matte taupe shadow, matte face powder, or translucent powder on top of the shadow. This will help tone down the color and can also lighten dark colors.

#2 - Strategically Remove
Often, I end up with too much dark shadow above my crease or on the outside/inside of my eye. This can easily happen even if you are careful where you apply. To fix too much shadow in these areas, take a cotton swab and lightly dip it in make up remover. Very strategically remove only the shadow from the small area that has gotten out of control. You can then blend with a lighter color.

#3 - Blend Out the Edges
Another strategy is to take a larger fluffy eyeshadow brush that is either clean or loaded with a light neutral color and blend around the edges of your shadow. This helps create a more diffuse look. While your makeup will still be bold, it will be slightly softer.

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#4 - Get the Full Picture
If none of these work and you have simply gone overboard, finish applying your eye and brow makeup before you remove your work entirely. Often, a darker crease or bolder shadow can look very odd without eyeliner, mascara, or having your brows filled in. If you have time, apply the rest of your makeup as you typically would. You might just find that you like it!

#5 - Use the Right Tools
The best way to avoid this problem is to have a nice variety of brushes in your arsenal. Experiment with which shapes work best for your crease or brow bone. Make sure to clean your brushes regularly and always tap off excess shadow before applying.

A separate problem, which I will tackle next week, is what to do when you experience serious eyeshadow fall out. What are your quick fixes for when you have applied too much eyeshadow? 

Stay beautiful!

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