Sunday, February 10, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues Collection - Eternal Beauty

Who doesn't love a good holographic nail polish? Honestly, there is nothing more beautiful on the nail than a true linear holo. It gives the nail so much depth and interest, plus you can't stop staring at your fingers! When I heard about the new 2013 Color Club Halo Hues collection, I was very excited to pick up a few bottles. I was not expecting, however, to be totally blown out of the water at how exceptionally beautiful the collection is. Today I have for you Eternal Beauty from this new collection.
color club eternal beauty

Texture: Holy Holo Batman! Look at that linear holo! What is most incredible about this polish (and the others from the collection) is that you see the holo in any form of lighting. Even inside my living room at night with indirect lamp light, I can see the prominent holo on my nails. Simply incredible!
color club eternal beauty

Color: As for the specifics of Eternal Beauty, she is what I would call a medium purple, not quite a lavender or violet but not terribly bold either. The polish has a bit of a silver base which gives the purple this really beautiful undertone. I typically prefer more saturated purple hues, but the holo complements the purple base very well. It especially helps to bring out the pink and blue tones in the holo finish.

color club eternal beauty

Application: Eternal Beauty, like the other polishes in this collection, applied perfectly. It had a bit of an odd smell, which is worth noting, that I believe that is due to the holographic pigments. The scent wasn't overwhelming, just unique. This was essentially opaque in one coat, but I applied two to really help bring out the holo.

color club eternal beauty

It appears that holo is the big trend this year with Color Club, Urban Outfitters, and China Glaze debuting collections at some point in 2013. If I were you, I would not pass this Color Club collection up. I purchased mine through It was my first experience with the website, and their customer service was excellent. My polishes arrived promptly and well protected. Further, I was able to purchase them for less than the suggested retail. What do you think of Eternal Beauty? 

Stay beautiful! 
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