Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beauty Fix: Too Much Blush

One of my biggest beauty issues, or faux pas as some would say, is wearing too much blush. I am always afraid of looking like a little old lady who has smeared on too much rouge. Plus with my (somewhat) fair pink skin, blush really shows up on me. I cannot count the number of times I have applied blush in the bathroom and then seen myself in the car in natural light and been terribly embarrassed by how much blush I was wearing. Thus, I have accumulated a few tricks to help diffuse the situation.

Too much blush
Not what we are going for!

#1 - DO NOT RUB!
I repeat DO NOT RUB! This is my number one tip. Trying to rub off the rouge will 1) blend the rouge out to an even larger area and 2) make your skin ruddy, which then enhances the overly red effect.

#2 - Apply Powder
Applying powder on top of the blush can really help tone it down. Even translucent powder will help the blush look more diffused. This also helps the blush stay in place longer.

#3 - Blot (if you are away from home)
If you find yourself without any powder, go to the bathroom and get a paper towel. Blot your cheeks very gently. If that isn't enough, you can ever so slightly dampen the paper towel and again gently blot (not rub) your cheek.

#4 - Highlight and Contour
If you find that you have simply applied your blush in all the wrong places and don't want to start over or use makeup remover, you can again diffuse the look of the blush by highlighting and contouring. Apply a soft highlighter above the cheekbones and a slight bronzer or countour shade below. Be sure to blend into the blush with a fresh brush.

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#5 - Choose the Right Brush
The best way to fix too much blush is to avoid putting too much on in the first place. I used to use a regular powder brush to apply my blush. Big mistake! It picks up way too much product and puts it in all the wrong places. Instead, use an actual blush brush. Blush brushes are smaller and have a more tapered head. This allows for a better placement on the cheek. I use the side of the brush, rather than the large side of the face and tap off excess. This has made a huge difference in my make up. My favorites are from Tarte and Avon (Reviews here and here).

#6 - Apply Correctly
This is difficult to do if you don't have the right equipment, as noted above. Be sure to use a light touch! After you have tapped the excess of the brush, use a light swirling motion to follow the cheek bone down to the apple of the cheek and sweep up towards the temple.

#7 - Try the Right Light
Lighting can be key. If you are going out for the evening, the lighting in your bathroom will probably be comparable to that of your destination. However, if you are applying for daytime wear, try to get a glimpse of yourself in a mirror with natural lighting before walking out the door.

What do you do when you find yourself wearing too much rouge? If you have any other beauty fixes that you would like a solution to, please leave them in the comments below or send me an email. This will be a regular new series!

Stay beautiful!

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