Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Wear Pink Eye Shadow

There appears to be an ongoing trend started last year and continuing this fall of bright red and pinked toned eye shadows. The problem with these colors is that they can reflect and bring out any imperfection in the skin (hello blemishes!) and can make the eye area look ruddy. In short, you want to avoid looking like you just had an allergy attack. While true red shadows are not for the faint of heart, there are ways in which you can incorporate pink toned shadows into your routine that will look lovely, polished, and even ethereal. Here are my tips for wearing pink eye shadow.

Start Small and Use Sparingly
If you are interested in trying this trend, start small by incorporating just a hint of pink (or red) into your look. Mix and blend with neutral eye shadows that you already know and love to create a soft girlie look. Use a little at first and remember you can always add more later. I will say it again, remember to blend!

Model wearing pink eye shadow
Source; a model wearing BareMinerals Cupcake eye color - one of my favorite pink eye shadows.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Argania 1640 Argan Oil

I am a big fan of natural oils and have reviewed many of them. Recently, I was able to try Argania 1640 argan oil, which is a bit different from other market competitors as Argania 1640 is produced by a cooperative of women in Morocco and is 100% pure pressed argan oil.


That purity really made a difference to me. First, this product has no scent as it isn't mixed with other more fragrant oils, which I greatly appreciate. Second, there are no silicons to weigh down hair. You are paying for 100% pure argan oil.This oil really helped give my hair shine without weighing it down. I found it made my hair softer and stronger, as an argan oil should. The fact that it is virtually fragrance free means that I can also use it on my skin without any issues.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup - Week of September 21

It's back! Here are this week's links!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OPI Germany Collection: German-icure

I have become incredibly decerning in my nail polish purchases lately. I have so many and my nails keep breaking, so I don't get to wear polish as often as I would like. I wasn't planning on picking up any polishes from OPI's fall release, but I ended up purchasing both Danke-Shiny Red and German-icure. I have already shown you Danke-Shiny Red (which was a show stopper). German-icure is no different!

Color and Finish
German-cure is a stunning red shimmer with a brown base. This polish just screams sophistication to me. It is seriously darkened, but doesn't look black. The shimmer gives it an incredible depth that I just love!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Blogaversary Giveaway!

It's time for my First Blogaversary Giveaway! In order to qualify, you must adhere to the giveaway terms and conditions indicated at the end of the Rafflecopter entry form. You must be a public GFC follower to qualify for this giveaway. The giveaway closes at 12:01AM EST Monday, October 8, 2012. This giveaway is continental US only.

Now that all that legal stuff is out of the way, what's the prize? A set of five (5) brand new and hand picked Jessica Custom Color nail polishes. Jessica is one of my favorite nail polish brands. Many of you have indicated that you have a hard time finding them in your area, so I thought I would share the love!

The prize includes:

  • Brilliance -  High gloss top coat
  • Opal - Opaque pearlescent white
  • Golden Confetti - Gold and holo glitter 
  • Movie Star - Opaque silver with silver microglitter
  • Sparkle - Blue, silver, and holo glitter

Stay beautiful! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Friday, September 14, 2012

What's on My Toes? Essie No More Film

I've been really attracted to creme polishes lately. I have also been letting my nails recover from some severe breakages. As soon as they were healthy again, I wanted to try a new polish I picked up - Essie No More Film. She's a beauty!

No More Film hails from the Resort Collection and is a beautiful deep purple blue - or as some say: blurple. This color is a serious chameleon in a wonderful way. Indoors, it looks like a deep deep indigo, but in no way does it toe the line with navy. Outside, however, it becomes this gorgeous dark violet. The color is unlike anything else I have in my collection. It is such a rich sumptuous color but it never looks black.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Total Beauty Collection for HSN

Many of you are fans of monthly box subscription programs. While I haven't joined any myself, I am an active member of the community and received a special edition of their monthly box for review. This time, Total Beauty has partnered with HSN to create a special box that will be available for purchase on September 27th. The box costs $19.99, comes with free shipping, and has a retail value of over $50. I was a bit silly and completely forgot to take photos of the individual products before using them up (oops!). On to the reviews!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Argan oil is clearly the latest rage in the beauty industry. I have been using argan oil in my hair for quite some time with great success. After winning a bottle of Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil in a giveaway I was very intrigued by the idea of a cleansing oil. Let's have a look at it's claims and see how it held up under use.

Claims and Product Information
Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil is described as a "gentle, all natural cleanser" that "removes make-up and skin impurities" while providing hydration. It contains almond, sunflower seed, and grape seed oils, in addition to argan oil. It is meant to leave the skin feeling clean and moisturized without any tightness, dryness, or oiliness. It is paraban, sulfate, triclosan, phthalate, and GMO free as well as free of synthetic dyes and perfumes. It certainly sounds interesting to me!


Texture and Use
I must say that the bottle on this is fabulous. It is plastic, so it won't break, and you can turn the pump to lock it without having to pump it down first (i.e. no product waste). I love cleansers that re-seal and lock like this since I am both very clumsy and tend to like to switch up my routine every once and a while. Regarding texture, this product comes out as a thicker oil, almost like a thin syrup texture. You apply it to your dry face and then add water to your face to create a "milk." This product does not later or froth. It is a very unique experience, and I was a bit unsure of what to make of it at first. However, once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed the experience. The product has a slightly sweet smell, but it is very subtle and not overwhelming. I got some in my eye by accident (see clumsy reference above), and it didn't sting or hurt at all! It rinsed clean exactly as claimed - without any residue.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Avon Ergonomic Blush Brush

I'm back! I had an unexpected hiatus these past couple of weeks and was only able to blog intermittently. Things have been insanely busy with me, and life got in the way of blogging. I still have my blogaversary giveaway coming up (posting next week). In any case, thank you for bearing with me! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite recent discoveries: Avon's Ergonomic Blush Brush!

This blush brush is awesome! No other way to describe it. It has a tapered head with finely packed bristles that pick up a great deal of product in just one swipe. It allows for precision application (so go gently on the product) but is also great for blending. I especially like that it doesn't leave a lot of fall out on the actual product. One of my biggest annoyances with other blush brushes (especially the big fluffy kind) is that they can really disturb the product by creating a lot of blush "dust." I am so pleased that this brush doesn't do that, especially when I use it with my nicer blushes.

I really like the handle on this. It is balanced and comfortable. It is also quite long, which allows for better application. These past few months, I have discovered quite a few Avon products that I am very pleased with. I think I am going to delve into the brand a bit more. Any suggestions readers?

Stay beautiful (and rouged)!
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