Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Makeup - Disney Villains: Ursula

Ursula is an awesome villain. She is ruthless, overly dramatic, and power hungry. Visually, she is one of the most recognizable characters in the Disney cannon. As many of you know, Ursula's look for the film was based on famous drag queen Divine. When it comes to creating a Halloween Ursula look, there aren't really any hard fast rules. Basically, I went a little crazy with the eyeliner and had a ton of fun. For this look you will need black eyeliner and bright blue eye shadow.

Face and Lips
Start with the face. Put on your base as you see fit - if you are going all out, you can go for the purple toned skin Ursula has. I chose to forgo this. Go ahead and use some black liner to draw on the Sea Witch's large mole on her right side. Next, you will want to get your eyebrows to lay flat and blend in with your skin tone as much as possible. There are several ways to do this. I just used some eyebrow wax and a tone of heavy duty concealer. Take your bright red lipstick of choice and apply. If you feel comfortable, over draw your lips a bit for some drama.
Ursula Halloween Makeup

Here come the show stoppers. I have seen this look done with purple shadows, but technically, Ursula wears a blue base in the film. I chose to go with blue and green shadows in a matte finish. I just don't see Ursula wearing shimmery shadows. I began by applying a bright matte blue shadow to the eyelid and into the crease in a sharp line. Where that line ended, I used a bright matte green shadow up to the top of my brow, going over the concealed brow. Next, I applied the bright blue shadow under the eyes outward to the corner of the brow and to the inner corner of the eyes, making sure the shadow lines connected. 
Ursula Halloween Eye Makeup
Next, take out a basic black eyeliner in pencil form. This is easiest to draw on the eyebrows. I went for large overly dramatic brows, but you may choose to draw your brows as thick or thin as you like - even use your own natural brows if you prefer. Be sure to made a sharply exaggerated brow following the highly center arched style of the cartoon. For the final step for the eyes, I used black liquid liner. I applied the liner all the way around the eye. I then created a severely extended cat eye that came out almost all the way to the end of my natural brow. This line is very very thick and comes in at a straight angle to the outer corner of my iris. I finished off by adding the inner eye lines that came straight down following the contour of my nose. I found this was easiest to do in liquid liner, but a gel liner would also work. 

There you have it. My Ursula Halloween Makeup. I must say I felt oddly attractive in this look. It was a rocker chick meets drag queen result that I absolutely love. I may have to whip out the bright matte blue eye shadow more often! Be sure to also check out my version of Ariel  that I created for my Halloween series last year.

Stay beautiful!
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