Tuesday, July 10, 2012

China Glaze Jungle Queen - On Safari Collection

Today I have for you China Glaze Jungle Queen. I love the name of this polish. It makes me think of the old Tarzan movies from the 1940s, though I might be the only person of my generation who has seen them. I sure do love TCM. But I digress - back to the polish! Here is China Glaze Jungle Queen:

Jungle Queen is a really interesting earthy purple with mauve and eggplant undertones. These are highlighted by a slightly lighter purple shimmer running throughout the polish. Jungle Queen is really beautiful in that she seems to change colors depending on the lighting. I love polishes that do that. I feel like I am getting multiple looks out of one manicure! It also appears that Jungle Queen is a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal. Check out a full comparison here.

For reference, here is Jungle Queen (right) next to Below Deck (center) and Street Chic (left). As you can see, Jungle Queen is darker and more purple than the other two.

Texture and Formula
As much as I love the color of this, I found application a little tricky. My bottle was a little thin and runny, leading to some cuticle pooling. I chose not to clean up the manicure in order to show you this effect. I wouldn't let this deter you, but when you apply this, you will want to really use a limited amount of polish and use several thin coats. I was able to reach opacity in two coats. Despite the application issues, this polish dried fairly quickly (but not as quickly as Elephant Walk) and has a really beautiful texture due to the shimmer. This wasn't terribly shiny on its own, but it also wasn't flat either. I do recommend applying a high shine top coat to really bring out the shimmer and depth of the polish.


The Verdict
Despite application issues, the color on this is just so complex and stunning that it is worth a little extra work. I think this would be a great fall pedicure color. I'm going to try layering it over some darker plums for fun!

Stay beautiful!

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