Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avon ExtraLasting Lipstick in Sunkissed Ginger

I have a love-hate relationship with supposedly long lasting lipsticks. I love to buy them and get my hopes up, but I always end up hating the product. This cycle has finally been broken! At last, I have found a long lasting lipstick that actually works for me in Avon's ExtraLasting Lipstick!

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The color I picked up - Sunkissed Ginger - is a beautiful bright coral with peach undertones. The formula was fantastic! It glided on smoothly and covered evenly. It also has a slightly sweet smell which is very pleasing.

Most importantly, this lipstick really lasts. It easily stayed on for 5 hours, even through eating and drinking. Even more so, it stayed on without being overly drying. It did dry on the lips but did not dry out my lips, which is normally my biggest issue with long lasting lipsticks. Additionally, the product continued to lay smoothly without emphasizing the lines of my lips and without chaffing. It also was never sticky and has essentially no taste.

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The Verdict: I realize that these lipsticks probably won't work for everyone, since we all have different body chemistry. However, I would certainly recommend giving this a try. I had an excellent experience with this and plan on purchasing additional colors. These can be purchased from your local Avon representative or online here. Do you have a go to long lasting lipstick or have you given up on trying to find one?

Stay beautiful!
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