Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday Polish! Orly Au Champagne

Are you ready for the holidays? This weekend I redecorated my apartment by taking down  my Halloween decor and adding fall themed accents. I'm not quite ready for Christmas, but I sure am ready for the Holiday season. I already picked up my favorite pick from the China Glaze Let it Snow collection (you can find my swatches of Glittering Garland here), and today I picked up my favorite pick from the Orly Holiday Soiree collection - Au Champagne.

Au Champagne is a true white polish with just a hint of ivory. It dries to a satin finish, which I adore. It also has the slightest pearl shimmer to it. Combined with the satin finish, it reminds me a bit of white velvet. Love! I realized after purchasing this that this is really my only true white polish. I have never cared for a white polish before, but this I really adore. White polish to me just feels so 90s - which was confirmed when I watched the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer today (which I also love). Something about the finish on this polish really makes it feel modern and fresh.
Au Champagne covered extremely well. It was pretty much opaque after two coats. You can see the slightest VNL, but you really have to look for it. There were somethings I didn't care for, however. Mainly, this polish had a tendency to settle into every nook and cranny of the nail bed. The photos you see are POST clean up. Also, if you don't let the polish dry completely before the next coat, you end up with a few patches along the cuticle line when you apply the second coat (as you can see in the picture below). 
Finally, this polish took FOREVER to dry. The first coat dried quickly, but the second coat refused to set. Even after half an hour, it was still really really tacky. I finally gave up and put a quick dry top coat on top - defeating the satin finish that I love. Even then, the polish remained susceptible to dents for hours after application. I have never had this happen with an Orly polish before.
With a layer of Out the Door on top.
The verdict - I love the color and finish of this polish, despite the application issues. It really is a great base for layering - which I will show you later this week. Perhaps I just got  a bad bottle as far as the drying goes? Have you had any problems like this with Orly polishes?

Stay beautiful!
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