Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Make-up - Disney Princesses: Tiana

Hello readers. Up next in my Disney Princess costume make-up series is the princess my nieces were obsessed with last year: Princess Tiana. I was so impressed by The Princess and the Frog, and I was thinking about this make-up look for a while. My inspiration - her fantastical lily pad dress.
For this look, I decided not to darken my eyebrows, but you certainly can if you like. After giving yourself a flawless Disney complexion, focus on the eyes. For this look, I went with earth toned greens. Begin by applying a sage green color the lid and crease. Then apply a forest green to the crease and socket bone. Flare this out a bit at the outside of the eye. Finally, apply a lime green or gold (depending on what you have) to the inner half of the lid. Next, take a forest green eyeliner and proceed to apply in cat eye fashion. That is, apply to the entire top lash line. Extend past the outer end of the eye and all the way down to the duct. Next apply to the bottom lashes all the way around the eye so the lines connect. Finish off with mascara.

To the rest of the face, add a bit of bronzer on the cheek bones and a dab of blush just to the apples of the cheeks. Finish off with a dark brown red lipstick. It took several different tries for me to find the right lipstick and even then I ended up blending a few together.

The final look! What do you all think of my Princess Tiana look? Were you a fan of the film?

Stay beautiful!
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