Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Make Your Nails Look Longer

Growing out your nails can be incredibly frustrating. Right now my nails are total nubs as I had to cut them back to work on their health. Having short nails can make me feel less feminine or pretty, but I have learned a few tricks on how to make my nails look longer.

Color - Choose a nail polish that is similar in tone to your skin or that is of a lighter hue. Light pinks and beiges work nicely for this. By creating a continuous line on your finger, you end up making your nails - and hands - look longer. The best way to make your nails look their longest is to either wear no polish or a clear coat. Avoid wearing very dark colors or colors with extreme shade differences from your skin tone. It may sound counter intuitive but white nail polish actually makes your nails look shorter.

Texture - Polishes with a little bit of texture can also make your nails look longer. Try a polish with a subtle shimmer to draw attention to your nails and make them sparkle. Glitter polishes break up the line of the nail and make your nails look shorter. Light colored cream polishes also help the nail look more enlongated.

Nail Art - Try some fun vertical stripes on your nails. These also help elongate the nail. Avoid french manicures which split the line of the nail, making it look shorter. Also, crackle polishes if applied with a light touch, producing a fine crackle, can help elongate the nail by creating a variation on vertical stripes.

What polishes make your nails look longer? Is this something you consider when choosing a polish?

Stay beautiful!
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